1. Not just an ordinary tote bag

  2. In today’s market you will see the typical recycled tote bags that slip over your shoulders and can hold about 2 plastic bags of groceries. Most customers buy more than 2 bags of groceries, yet it’s clunky to carry several bags in and out of the store.

  3. The solutionCart N Carry is twice as large, holds more groceries (up to 7 plastic bags), and contains wheels that allow you to be mobile from the grocery to your destination. Your customer will be intrigued with this innovative, new product and won’t be able to live without one.

  4. Compact

  5. Although Cart N Carry is lightweight and has built-in wheels, it can easily fold flat to a compact size 8”W X 16”L and takes very little space when stored. When it’s fully opened, it expands to 16”W X 24”L, large enough to hold up to 7 plastic grocery bags. This allows the shopper to carry more groceries at one time than your typical tote bag.

  6. Easy Mobility

  7. Most of us who grocery or retail shop carry several bags, either over our shoulders or clutched in our hands, back to our destination. This can be a huge hassle, not-to-mention, a physical strain on your body. With Cart N Carry, it’s simple! Because of it’s fold-out wheels and sturdy handle, it allows you to pull the bag after filling, and off you go! It’s ready whenever you are. Feel confident you can carry your items with less strain on your body.

  8. Promoting your brand

  9. Our massive PR, TV, Radio, & internet advertising efforts will not only focus on the new generation of bags with wheels, but it will also direct them to retail locations that carry Cart N Carry for purchases. This will help drive traffic to your retail establishment. For brand impact, Cart N Carry will be custom-branded with your logo stamped on it.

  10. Everyone who purchases a custom-branded Cart N Carry bag at your store will build brand recognition outside of the retail environment as is exposed to the general public. Use it everywhere. It can easily be used for alternative uses such as recreation, travel, commuting, and more.